• Furnish a fully characterized panel to the national authorities to be used for test evaluation and test licensing
  • Advise on efficient procurement mechanisms
  • Play an important role in specific areas of training, and training the trainers in quality assurance to assess performance of screening assays in the field
  • Assist in establishing national confirmatory testing laboratories


  • Evaluate and identify high quality, affordable tests for HBV, HCV and HIV
  • Use the selected reagents to assure that all transfused blood in the project area is tested
  • Include the smallest as well as the largest transfusing organizations
  • Assure the quality of the testing performed
  • Expand the program to the rest of the country and neighboring countries, after adequate experience is gained from the initial project
  • Foster bulk purchase of reagents at the end of the project to ensure continued affordability
  • Foster improved criteria for donor selection


  • Assessment of current situations where countries express a need
  • Report with a Plan of Action
  • Establish a Memorandum of Understanding
  • Co-ordinate project proposals and action
  • Set indicators for monitoring and evaluation


  • Liaise with WHO and other relevant professional and scientific organisations and societies
  • Participate in projects - both national and international
  • Create trust and confidence
  • Offer expertise and knowledge
  • Co-operate with pertinent national and international parties where possible and requested


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ICBS focuses on improving the safety of blood transfusion in the developing (restricted economy) world

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