• Identify, validate, make available high-quality, affordable tests for HBV, HCV, and HIV
  • Assist in establishing and upgrading quality assurance programs and setting up quality systems in blood transfusion centers and blood banks of developing countries
  • Co-ordinate technology transfer and develop regional test kit manufacturers
  • Co-ordinate and foster collaboration with WHO and all other pertinent major international and national organizations, professional and scientific societies in order to complement efforts and maximize appropriate utilization of resources.


  • Assess currently available screening kits for: cost, sensitivity, specificity suitability for use in small and/or large blood banks
  • Advise on efficient reagent purchase mechanisms
  • Support national authorities in developing countries in the planning and execution of projects to achieve universal and affordable blood screening
  • Assist in training in blood safety laboratory testing techniques and sponsor regional workshops to train trainers in the principles and practices of blood safety quality assurance
  • Help, as appropriate, regions/countries to establish central confirmatory reference laboratories
  • Maintain liaisons with WHO and all other pertinent international organizations, professional and scientific societies
  • Obtain funding to support the mission (funding details)


ICBS believes in the need for sustainable screening for transfusion-transmitted infections of all blood units collected by the blood banks in all countries of the world. To assist in achieving this goal, one of ICBS's activities is to raise necessary funds for providing some of the less fortunate blood banks especially in the rural areas (provinces) of some developing countries with high quality and affordable blood screening reagents for a limited period, after which the national authorities should ensure covering 100% of the screening using their own or alternative resources. ICBS aims at continuing to advise developing countries in the use of available high quality affordable reagents.


The ICBS has a limited number of full members, and liaison members from international organizations, scientific societies and institutions (Overview: Membership and Addresses).

ICBS focuses on improving the safety of blood transfusion in the developing (restricted economy) world

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Address: Executive Director, ICBS:
Mohamed El-Nageh, MD, Ph.D.,
At: The New York Blood CENTER 310 East 67th St, New York, NY 10021 U.S.A.
Tel 212.570.3419, Fax 212.570 3320